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Only the tip of a tiny Koran Super Thumb

al qur an mungilIf Pondok Pesantren Nurul Iman Al-Shriyyah Parung has a giant-sized Koran 2 x 2.8 meters, a Lebanese man has the smallest version, only 2.4 x 1.9 inches.

Quran Hassan Abed Rabbo's tiny it's just about the size of the tip of your thumbs to the touch. Holy book comprises 604 pages were decorated with gold ink. Hassan claimed it had inherited from her grandmother's holy book, which claimed to come from the era of the Ottoman Empire.

Although looks very tiny, but it's not the smallest in the world. Guinness Book of World Records has documented the Qur'an with a smaller size 1.7 x 1.28 inches which is owned by citizens of Pakistan, Muhammad Karim Beebani.

Although not the smallest, the Qur'an's Rabbo considered to have artistic and historical value is very high. Moreover Rabbo's holy book written directly by hand, not machine molds, such as that documented in the Guinness Book ofWorld Records.

While the Qur'an that there is a giant in Parung a grant from the Philippine Moro. The Qur'an is composed of 30 chapters, paragraphs 6.666 and 114 in the form of handwritten letters are engraved on the stem of the banana tree is not, not paper.

Called the largest in the world because there is no longer capable of making the Qur'an states that this registration, other than the Philippines. In Pakistan there are twometers in length but the Qur'an is made with molds. Vivanews.com

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