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Small girl Have a Hand Magnet

Serbia - A little girl who is still sitting in elementary school, have magical abilities. The girl's hand has a strong enough magnetic capabilities.
Jelena Momcilov continue to pick up the cutlery, coins and even other parts made of metal with only a touch. Strange habit of 10-year-old girl, the newly perceived approximately five years ago in his own house in Zeljusa region, Serbia.
Now experts at the University of Nis in Serbia, do research on this. Sad indeed, but experts say they are very interested in the habit Momcilov. Thus preached Orange, Monday (13/09/2010).
According to a chief researcher Premovic Pavle, sweet girl peculiarities may arise from the ability of bio-magnetism that comes from within the body Momcilov. But researchers still can not conclude this with certainty weirdness.

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